Petroleum Affairs

To ensure the adequate and affordable energy supply in a sustainable manner taking advantage of our natural resources in support of the nation's socio-economic development.

Petroleum Affairs Directorate main objectives have been defined to ensure adequate supply of petroleum products to the nation and minimise the negative impact of petroleum resources exploitation on the environment and contribute to the creation of value for society from petroleum activities by:

  • Initiating policy and legislation for petroleum exploration, development and production in Namibia.
  • Promoting of petroleum activities in the country
  • Conducting geological and geophysical researches related to petroleum exploration
  • Participating in license negotiation and awards
  • Monitoring the activities of oil companies carrying out petroleum exploration , development, production and distribution in the country
  • Building national capacity in the petroleum sector
  • Creating a conducive investment climate and to ensure that petroleum security of supply is achieved in a country.
  • Ensuring that fuel (controlled products) prices are regulated, adjusted and equalized accordingly.