Diamond Regional Services
The regional services are provided in terms of the Diamond Act 1999, its regulations and other relevant policies and legal frameworks:

Regional Services

Inspection services in terms of Diamond Act 1999:

  • Ensure Diamond industry adheres to the provisions of the Act and its regulations.
  • Conduct Inspection reviews to the diamond prospecting, exploration, mining operations.
  • Deploying Diamond Inspector on-board mining vessels to monitor extraction processes.
  • Accompany exploration and mining vessels to local and foreign ports for maintenance, repair and emergencies to ascertain that diamonds and gravel recovered are brought back to the country of mining origin.
  • Conduct clearance to all exploration and mining vessels for any diamondiferous gravel before leaving the Namibian territorial waters.
  • Controls the transporting and exportation of exploration samples from prospecting and mining sites and certifies authentications of transport and/or export permits.
  • Reviews the Security System of diamond value chain accordance with the approved Security Plans.
  • Liaise with relevant key stakeholders to strengthen coordination and the existing working relationship.
  • Partake in cross border operations in conjunction with relevant law enforcement agencies (NAMPOL, NamRA, NCIS, MFMR, MEFT etc.).

Issue Permits in terms of Section 27 (k):

  • to enter, reside, travel, work or be in, or to visit a restricted area.

Seal, collect, escort and share diamond production information:

  • The regional offices ensure effective and efficient control, handling and transportation of rough diamonds from mining to the point of sale in Namibia.
  • Facilitate and escort together with the Protected Resources Division (Namibian Police) the transfer of diamond production from the mining (land & sea) to the sort houses, storage facilities and/or the point of sale.

KPCS minimum requirements:

Regional offices operate in a tripartite arrangement, in coordination with;
  • the division of the Namibian Police tasked with the protection of diamonds,
  • NamRa at entry/exit points and
  • the diamond industry, and
  • KP Authority to ensure diamonds are safe from smuggling and other illicit acts.

Promote the growth and sustainability of Namibian diamond industry:

  • Monitor the sector compliances with the KP minimum requirements.
  • Observe the diamond industry compliances with policies and regulations.
  • Ensure that Diamond Inspectors adhere to the government customer charter.

Customer Services:

  • We render services to public in a transparent but in a professional manner.
  • We account for our actions, and take responsibility for the results of our actions.
  • Where you need referral, we will direct or provide information required.