Geological Survey


Housed at the Ministry of Mines & Energy Building in the capital, Windhoek, together with the sister Directorates of Mining, Energy, Diamond Affairs and Administration & Finance, the Geological Survey of Namibia plays an important role in the development of Namibia's mineral and geological resources and in fostering sustainable development with due regard to the environment.


Enhance knowledge and awareness of Namibia's geological resources through scientific investigation as well as application and dissemination of quality research data. Facilitating the search for and the assessment of mineral resources, geological engineering and land use planning through sustainable development with due regard to the environment.


The Geological Survey of Namibia, as custodian of Namibia's rich endowment of geological resources, facilitates the responsible development and sustainable utilisation of these resources for the benefit of all Namibians.

The organisation comprises of two Directorates and six divisions:

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