Diamond Inspection Services

Our services are provided in accordance with the Diamonds Act, its regulations and other relevant legislations

Issue of Diamond Act's licenses

  • a diamond dealers license (to deal as buyer, seller and exporter)
  • a diamond cutting license (to polish for business or trade purpose)
  • a diamond tool-making license (to crush, alter, implement and set in tools for purpose of trade)
  • a diamond research license (to conduct research and test, not polish for purpose of business or trade).

Issue Permits in terms of Section 27( a – j);

Types of permits:

  • to possess an unpolished diamond
  • to sell or otherwise dispose of unpolished diamond
  • to receive or purchase an unpolished diamond
  • to export an unpolished diamond
  • to import an unpolished diamond
  • to polish, crush or set an unpolished diamond in any tool
  • to possess any diamondiferous concentrates outside restricted area
  • to export any diamondiferous concentrates
  • to remove any sand, soil, clay, gravel, stone, rock or mineral from restricted area
  • to export any sand, soil, clay, gravel, stone, rock or mineral which reasonably believe may contain diamond.

Collect, compile, process, manage and share diamond data and information

The Directorate of Diamond Affairs collects, compiles, manages and shares diamond data and information with its stakeholders.

Issue Kimberly Process Certificates.

Issuing and validating Kimberly Process Certificates for diamond exports, as well as verifying such KPCs for diamond imports to ensure Namibia’s compliance to the KPCS to which Namibia is a participant.

Provide diamond inspection and monitor services to the diamond industry.

Engaging its Diamond Inspectors in cooperation with the Protected Resources Unit, Customs and Excise Offices to inspect and monitor diamonds and related activities, thereby ensuring security of the Namibian diamonds from illicit activities.

Value and sale of Namibian diamonds.

Engaging services of Government Diamond Valuators together with PRU, Customs and Excise Offices during diamonds valuation process and preparation for sale or export.

Uphold the good image of the Namibian diamond industry

  • Ensures Namibia’s compliance with the KPCS.
  • Ensures that a valid KP Certificate accompanies all rough diamonds shipments leaving the Namibian territory.
  • Ensures that a valid KP Certificates accompanies all rough diamonds shipments entering the Namibian territory.
  • Ensures that the diamond industry adheres to provisions of the Diamond Act 13, 1999 and its regulations.
  • Ensures our staff members adhere to the Ministry's customer charter in conducting their tasks and responsibilities.

Render efficient and effective services to our clients in a transparent and professional manner.

Ensures that licences, permits, registration of contractor/subcontractors, mining vessels, business premises, restricted areas, are processed in a fair and transparent manner, as well as, within a reasonable time period.

Prepare Reports

  • Ministral Annual Report
  • KPCS Annual Report
  • NDP4 Bi-annual progress reports