Energy Directorate

What we do

The mandate of the Energy Directorate is to ensure the adequate and affordable energy supply in a sustainable manner taking advantage of our natural resources in support of the nation's socio-economic development. The Directorate is responsible for the implementation of the Energy Policies and enforces the compliance of legal requirements of energy legislation (Electricity Act, 2007) and regulations and researches new and renewable sources of energy and regulations and research new and renewable sources of energy.

Who we are

The Directorate consists of three(3) divisions:


  • Security of Supply: To secure sufficient and reliable supply of sustainable energy support to the growing needs and the Government's endeavour to develop new industry.

  • Social Upliftment: Redress inequalities in provision of energy supplies, all households shall have access to affordable and appropriate energy supplies.

  • Economic Competitiveness / Economic / Efficiency: Ensure that increases of energy supply and utilization are sustainable, competitive and economic efficient.

  • Effective Energy Sector Governance: Namibia will have energy sector governance in operation, which undertake effective planning, is flexible in its approach, and which have adequate staff resources.

  • Investment and Growth: Namibia will endeavour to achieve a high level of investor confidence in the energy sector, resulting in fixed inward investment and economic benefits for the country.

  • Sustainability: Namibia will move towards the sustainable use of natural resources for energy production and consumption as far as economically possible.