Economic Geology

The services offered include:

Economic Geology Mineral Resources Information Series

Compiling mineral occurrence descriptions for each of the 1:250 000 (157KB) Geological map sheet using archival exploration reports and other sources.

Provision of Geological /Exploration Data

Exploration or historical data stored digitally within our Earth data Namibia (EDN) database are vital to prospectors, investors or researchers and are therefore being requested on a daily basis.

Reviewing and assessment of Exploration Reports

Reviewing and assessing exploration reports, which are submitted by exploration companies in accordance with the minerals (Exploration and Mining) Act of 1992.

Earth Data Namibia Management

All the information collected by various exploration companies for a period of over one hundred years, by means of mapping, surveying and exploration reports is stored in the database.

Promote Mineral Investments

Promoting mineral investments by attending and exhibiting at major local and international mineral investment conferences.

Dimension stone Catalogue

Namibia produces a wide variety of dimension stone consisting mainly of marbles, granites, diorites and sodalite. Therefore, the Economic geology division is currently busy with compiling a Dimension stone Catalogue.

Ore Deposit Research

The division continues to identify minerals currently in demand and review the literature with the aim of highlighting potential prospective areas.

Core shed Facility

The Economic geology division continues to maintain and manage the diamond drill core and reverse percussion drill chip ample storage facilities in Windhoek and Tsumeb.