Energy Directorate

The Directorate of Energy develops and implements Government's energy policy by realizing Government's commitment to efficiently supply and secure reliable and competitively priced energy to all sectors of the economy within the constraints of the competing demands of social equity and enviromental sustainability on a short, medium and long term basis.

Services offered by Energy directorate

Rural electrification of public institutions as well as households in regions where there are no un-electrified public institutions.

  • Promotes the use of new energy sources
  • Supply solar power to Off-Grid public institutions
  • Offer financial services (soft loans) to rural and urban clients to procure solar energy technologies.
  • Conduct research on renewable energy sources in Namibia.
  • To equalise the fuel price i.e. to pay for the cumulative industry slate under-recovery to the suppliers of petroleum products and receive the cumulative industry slate over-recovery from the suppliers of petroleum products;
  • To pay for the Road Delivery Subsidy claims to the rural/ far outlying areas of the country;
  • To undertake research in connection with the development of any other form of energy;
  • To be used by any competent institution of the state or any person or body which involved in any activities connected with the purchase, acquisition, distribution, sale, saving, conservation, storage or utilisation of energy sources;
  • To defray the administrative expenses of the National Energy Council and committees of the Council including the payment of remuneration and allowances;
  • To purchase, acquisition, distribution, sale, saving, development, conservation, storage or utilisation of any energy source;
  • Improve the quality of energy supply and services;