Energy Planning and Research

What we do

Energy Planning and Research Division is a newly established division in 2018 which is engaged in conducting research and compile statistics regarding power generation, transmission, import/export, and distribution of electricity as well as primary energy resource development including renewable sources of energy as basis for policy advice.

The division is tasked with coordinating, planning, financing, and implementation of national electricity programmes with emphasis on rural electrification. The key functions of the division are:

  • Liaise with the National Bureau of Statistics.
  • Collecting of all energy data from various institutions and compile energy balance and coordinate with SADC secretariat for the regional Energy data base.
  • Compiling of Project Identification Forms (PIFs) for the directorate in coordination with all units in the directorate.
  • Identification of gaps in the policy and recommend policy update or policy review in coordination with all division in the directorate.
  • Development and implementation of energy policy and legislation in the electricity sector by developing effective systems for monitoring the effectiveness of energy policies and strategies in the energy economy.
  • Development of indicators which will be used for monitoring progress in implementation of program activities and in meeting the sector's goals and objectives.


National Integrated Resource Plan (NIRP)

The NIRP is a 20-year development plan for Namibia's Electricity Supply Industry, spanning the period between 2016 and 2035. The report provides the context for the NIRP Update, outlines the existing electricity supply facilities, describes the parameters used in preparing the NIRP Update, presents the load forecast, summarises the generation resources and options included in the analysis, outlines the analysis carried out to determine the preferred generation options and puts forward the recommended National Integrated Resource Plan along with an implementation plan.

The plan is currently under review to bring it on par with current market structure and trends such as MSB, Electrification policy and the Electrification Master Plan currently under development and review too.

National Electrification Policy (NELP)

Is a document that communicates the Government's intent, direction and undertakings that relate to the country's on-going electrification endeavours. National Electrification Policy (NELP) is informed by the requirements of sustainable development, where social, economic, and environmental considerations are the pillars on which the actions towards enhancing access to electricity services for all Namibians are built.

The policy is under development and will be aligned to other policies already in place such as the National Energy policy, National Renewable Energy policy, the NIRP and the Electrification Master plan yet to be reviewed.

National Electrification Funding Portfolio (NELFP)

The aim of the NELFP is to create an Electrification Fund that will aggregate funding from a variety of sources, including from the Government, DFIs, private capital, electrification end-users and others, and to provide a single point of access to the said funds for those undertaking electrification activities. The Fund is to actively engage relevant Government OMAs as well as other potential funders to seek and secure additional funding for electrification in Namibia. The Fund will "crowd-in" funding for electrification, and leverage the current resources deployed for electrification to accelerate the country's electrification efforts without additional cost to Government.

Energy Database Management System (EDMS))

The purpose of this program is to develop an energy database system able to store, manage and retrieve data while at the same time generating various reports required to at any time. The energy data is fragmented and need to be consolidate at one point which is the ministry for the ESI and potential investors access.