Solar Revolving Fund

The Solar Revolving Fund is a credit facility established by MME in 1996, and to stimulate demand for the utilization of renewable energy technologies in the rural areas, especially for communities living in off-grid areas, but also to urban clients. SRF is an element of the Off-Grid Energization Master Plan for Namibia (OGEMP) whose objective is to provide access to suitable renewable energy technologies to off-grid areas. The Fund offers subsidized loans to Namibian citizens at a fixed interest rate of 5% per annum for 5 years.

The following renewable energy technologies are financed through the SRF:

  • Solar Home System (SHS)
  • Photo-Voltaic Pumps (PVP)
  • Solar Water Heaters (SWH)
  • Energy Efficient Stoves (financed as part of SHS)

The SRF runs on an ownership model where individuals obtain loans to purchase Renewable Energy Technology products by obtaining a detailed quotation from an accredited Energy Service Providers to install the client's technology at the area of choice therefore the maintenance of the solar system is the responsibility of the beneficiary.


  • To provide access to suitable renewable energy technologies to communities living in off-grid areas.
  • To promote off-grid rural electrification through the use of renewable energy systems.
  • To improve the quality of lives of people living in the off-grid areas, through the provision of energy services.