No Fracking Activities will be conducted In the Okavango Delta
18 Sep 2020
  • By Andreas Simon

Just This morning, the Mines and Energy Ministry made its position clear when it responded to a misleading article by the Namibian newspaper, which stated that “Oil Drillers Threaten Okavango Ecosystem”. In the media statement,   

The Ministry indicated that it had issued a (Petroleum Exploration Licence 73) PEL 73 to Reconnaissance Energy Namibia Pty Ltd (“Recon”) for the purpose to explore for hydrocarbons and not to conduct any fracking activities in the Okavango Delta, as indicated by the newspaper.


The MME further stated that the locations for the planned drilling are not located along the banks of the Okavango River as indicated in the article and that the drilling locations are very far from the Okavango Delta. The regulator further stated that on record, no onshore Production Licence for PEL 73 has been applied for/or granted and no Licence for the development of unconventional resources (E.g. Shale gas) has ever been applied for/or granted in Namibia. This means that on record, no hydraulic fracking activities are planned in Namibia.


The Ministry further stated that all the necessary environmental impact permits for the project are in place.