July 2024 Fuel Price Media Release
01 Jul 2024

Dear stakeholder,


The Ministry would like to communicate its July 2024 fuel price review decision as follows:


That the Ministry recorded:

  • over-recoveries of 120.857 cents per litre on petrol
  • over-recoveries of 96.398 cents per litre on diesel 50ppm
  • over-recoveries of 111.915 cents per litre on diesel 10ppm


The Ministry resolved to:

  • increase the industry margin by 23 cents to 189 cents per litre
  • increase dealer’s margin for service station operators by 9 cents per litre to 192 cents per litre
  • increase the road rates in the ready reckoner by 15%, which is essential for facilitating the distribution of fuel to various parts of the country.


Therefore, the Ministry is hereby announcing that:

  • petrol prices will decrease by 80 cents per litre
  • diesel 50ppm will decrease by 60 cents per litre
  • diesel 10ppm will decrease by 70 cents per litre


Kindly find the detailed release attached hereon.

Download media release