Jan 2024 Fuel Media price release
03 Jan 2024


Dear stakeholder,

The Ministry would like to communicate its January 2024 fuel price review decision as follows:

That the Ministry recorded:

  • over-recoveries of 123 cents per litre on petrol
  • over-recoveries of 106 cents per litre on diesel 50ppm
  • over-recoveries of 117 cents per litre on diesel 10ppm

Therefore, the Ministry is hereby announcing that petrol prices and both the diesel prices will decrease by 80 cents per litre.

The Ministry has also decided to extend the temporary relief margin of 20 cents per litre for another month to oil wholesalers, extending the initial 3-month period that was ending in December 2023.

The Ministry further resolved to increase the National Road Safety Council levy by 15 cents per litre, from 2.6 cents per litre to 17.6 cents per litre.

In Walvis Bay, the price of petrol will thus be N$20.78 per litre, diesel 50ppm will be N$21.05 per litre, and diesel 10ppm will be N$21.25 per litre. The effective date and time for these adjustments is Wednesday, 03 January 2024 at 00h01.

The Ministry would like to wish all Namibians, fuel consumers and all other key stakeholders a productive and a prosperous 2024.




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