Fuel Media Release November 2023: Remains unchanged
02 Nov 2023

The Ministry would like to communicate its November 2023 fuel review decision as follows:


That the Ministry recorded;

  1. over-recovery of 148 cents per litre on petrol
  2. under-recoveries of 33 cents per litre on diesel 50ppm
  3. under-recoveries of 23 cents per litre on diesel 10ppm
  4. the Ministry also decided that the National Energy Fund will absorb the under-recoveries recorded of 33 and 23 cents per litre on both Diesel grades.


Therefore, the Ministry decided that petrol prices and both the diesel prices will remain unchanged.

In Walvis Bay, the price for petrol will thus remain N$22.88 per litre, diesel 50ppm will remain N$23.15 per litre, and diesel 10ppm will remain N$23.35 per litre throughout November.

Kindly find a more detailed release as attached.


 Download media release