Mission and Vision


An institution that provides access to Namibia's geological, mineral and energy resources for sustainable economic growth, equal benefit and prosperity to all Namibian citizens.


To formulate policies and legislations that effectively regulate activities in mining and energy sectors; generate knowledge and information on resources, and provide services to stimulate investment for sustainable economic development and benefit to all Namibians.


  • Accountability: We account for our activities, take responsibility for results, and answerable for our actions.
  • Transparency: We avail information on our services, our actions and our performance for public access and scrutiny.
  • Responsiveness:We go the extra mile to deliver on the expected service to customers, as per our mission and promise.
  • Innovation:We are responsible for solving problems through new ways of thinking and continuous improvement.
  • Integrity:We fulfil the promise of our mission through behaviour that reflects honesty, responsibility, and fairness.


The Ministry of Mines and Energy was constitutionally established to take custody of the diverse geological, mineral and energy resources, and to ensure their contribution to the country's socioeconomic development.