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Title: Purchase of Computer Hardware and Software Back to Vacancies list Back to list Date Posted: 18 Oct 2016 Deadline: 08 Nov 2016 Days left before Deadline: -2661


TENDER NO:        F1/7-25/2016

DESCRIPTION:     Purchase of Computer Hardware and Software.

LEVY PAYABLE:   N$300-00

CLOSING DATE:  11H00 on Tuesday, 8 November 2016


This tender is restricted to 100% Namibian SME's only. The registration certificate with the Ministry of Trade and Industry must be attached. Tenderers that do not comply with this notice will automaically be disqualified. 


Preference will be given to tenderers who tender market related prices and to Namibian owned corporations or Namibian nationals. Tender documents are available at the office of the tender Board of Namibia.


Contact TENDER BOARD OF NAMIBIA for more information.