Small Scale Mining

The Small Scale Division (SSM) comprises of Mineral Resources/Information and Analytical & Environmental Services subdivisions they work hand in hand to provide:

  • Providing Geotechnical Support Services to Small Scale Miners (SSMs), especially Laboratory sample analysis for free to small scale miners with a valid mineral licence.
  • Facilitating the formation of Small Scale Mining legal groups/bodies (associations or co-operatives) so that any form of support from government, non-government organisation and development partners, financial institutions could be channeled through legal and recognised entities.
  • Facilitating the formation of regional SSM marketing centres to display and market the mineral products of SSM
  • Providing training to small scale miners on Legal procedures of acquiring mineral rights/ Claims
  • Promoting potential for small scale mining at exhibitions and conferences
  • Encouraging small scale miners to participate in international trade fairs in order to market their products
  • Monitoring and evaluating potential as well as existing SSM projects through site visits and cooperation with development partners.
  • Assisting Small Scale Miners with  pegging of Claims
  • Settling of land/farm access disputes