Mine Safety & Services

Its main regulatory functions are:

  • To conduct inspections in or at mining operations in Namibia in respect of the safety of employees in the mining industry, recommend remedial actions, provision of advices to Mine Managers and advice the Minister of Mines and Energy on matters related to Safe Working Conditions in the Mining Industry in Namibia.

  • To conduct investigations related to Mine Accidents in Namibia and submission thereof to the Office of the Prosecutor General for decision making.

  • The Mine Safety and Services Division issues authority for Blasting Certificates for both Open Cast and Underground Mines in Namibia. The same Division is the custodian of Mine Survey Maps and assesses the applications for Accessory Work Permits.

  • It liaises with the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Health on matters related to the Health and Safety of Employees in the Mining Industry and serves on the Safety Committee of the Chamber of Mines of Namibia.