Controlled Minerals & Minerals Development

The division provides the following services:

  • Inform and provide guidance to Mineral Rights Holders (MRH) and stakeholders on the royalty rates applicable to different minerals as well as royalty payments.

  • Evaluate and assess uranium long term sales and purchase, exchange agreements to ensure that Namibian origin uranium ore is safeguarded.

  • Provide information and guidance on IAEA reporting requirements.

  • Provide guidance to MRH on statutory reporting requirements correct completion of monthly and annual reports.

  • Verify export permits to ensure that Namibian minerals are traded at fair market values.

  • Produce quarterly and annual reports on labour and performance of the industry.

  • The mandate of the division is to undertake research, analysis, provide information and policy recommendations to government on emerging issues related to mineral processing, marketing, exports, imports of mineral commodities, monitor mineral and metals prices, production and sale forecasting analysis, ore reserves and mineral development.

  • The division is responsible for implementation of safeguards. Liaise with international atomic agency (IAEA). Perform cost analysis of mining, milling, smelting, refining, transportation, treatment process, operation and capital expenditure in the industry.

  • Provide adequate information on minerals commodities to the Bank of Namibia, National Planning Commission, US-British Geological Survey, International Lead and Zinc Study Group, World Bureau of Metal Statistics and potential investors. The division also conduct announced/unannounced verification related to mineral production and royalties paid.