The Ministry of Mines and Energy offers a range of services related to the energy, diamond, geoscience, mining and petroleum sectors.

Directorate of Diamond Affairs

  • Monitoring and regulating the Namibian diamond industry.
  • Transporting, storing, importing and exporting of diamonds
  • Regulating the supplying of rough diamonds to local cutting and polishing factories

Directorate of Mines

  • Promoting the optimal exploitation of Namibia's mineral resources
  • Integrating the mining industry with all other sectors of the economy
  • Granting of non-exploration, exploration and mining licenses
  • Providing geo-physics information on mineral exploration
  • Providing funds to small scale miners

Directorate of Energy

  • Regulating the supply of energy by power suppliers
  • Developing the countries energy sector
  • Implementing government policies on energy
  • Facilitating the implementation of the petroleum act and issuing of retailer and wholesaler licenses
  • Providing loans for instalments of solar pumps, solar home systems, solar heaters and solar cookers and stoves

Geological Survey of Namibia

The Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN) houses a wealth of geoscience data, information and other geoscience materials gathered throughout the history of the organisation. These data underpin the services and products provided by GSN. GSN offers a range of geoscientific services to the wider geoscience community in Namibia and beyond, government institutions to municipalities, universities and research organisations and the general public.

Directorate of Petroleum Affairs

  • Awarding of reconnaissance license
  • Awarding of oil and gas exploration licenses
  • Providing statistics on fuel adjustments and fuel consumption