30 Oct 2018

Namdia has declared dividends to the Government to the amount of N$50 million. This was announced by Namdia CEO, Kennedy Hamutenya at a media briefing held today at the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Hon. Tom Alweendo received the dividends on behalf of the Government.

According to Hamutenya, the company's total revenue for 2017/18 was almost N$2 billion of which nearly N$80 million was paid in taxes and export duties. The after tax profit amounted to N$139.4 million.

In his statement, the Minister expressed that despite all challenges faced by Namdia, the company was able to make a profit and declare dividends to the Government. He applauded Namdia for the effort, adding that he is confident that this will be the first of many positive contributions by Namdia to the national development.