Geoscience Council of Namibia: Call for Registration
26 Jan 2018

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The Geoscience Council of Namibia can now accept applications for registration.
Register as a geoscientist or senior geoscientist and be part of the process of:
•    Choosing the next Council members
•    Being chosen to  become the next Council member

Please drop your application at the Secretary of Geoscience Council of Namibia (Ms Kombada Mhopjeni,  Office number F2 120,  Geological Survey of Namibia) or post it to, Geoscience Council of Namibia, P. O Box  699, Windhoek, Namibia.
Application for registration as geoscientist;
(1)  A person who wants to be registered as a geoscientist in terms of section 20 of the Act must , in writing, apply to the Council using Form 1 (click to download).
(2)  The application referred to in section (1) must be accompanied by -
    (a)  certified copies of the qualifications of the applicant;     
    (b)  if requested by the Council, verification from the Namibia Qualifications  Authority, in case of foreign qualifications;
    (c)  two original completed references as set out in Form 1 of Annexure 1; and
    (d)  the application fee as set out in the Annexure 2.

Download files:
Application for Registration & Reference Form. GEOSCIENCE COUNCIL OF NAMIBIA
Regulations Code of Professional Conduct of Geoscience Council of Namibia
Geoscience Professions Act 2012