Geological Survey Call for Contributions
07 Nov 2016

Call for Contributions

Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia

Since 1985; latest volume 17, 2016

Publishes papers, reports and notes relating or relevant to the geology of Namibia

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of Namibia

Since 1965; latest volume 22, 2016

Publishes monographs (e.g. theses) and collections of thematically related papers dealing with the geology of Namibia



Communications first appeared in 1985 with the aim to disseminate information about research and mapping projects carried out by Geological Survey staff, as well as by visiting scientists, on an annual basis. Although for a number of years this goal has not been met, it is planned with this issue to return to its original objective. If warranted by the number of contributions, bi-annual publication will be considered. Communications is published in digital format and distributed to universities and research institutions worldwide; copies can also be purchased at the Geological Survey’s sales office at 6 Aviation Road, Windhoek.




1. Manuscripts must be written in English.

2. A short abstract of less than 200 words must accompany research papers and reports.

3. Short geological notes (commonly less than 1000 words) may also be submitted. Notes do not require an abstract.

4. Contributions have to be submitted in digital format. The preferred format for text is Microsoft Word, for figures jpg or tiff.

5. Papers will be reviewed by external and/or internal referees; reports will be reviewed by internal referees. Manuscripts submitted by students should be critically reviewed by their supervisors before submission. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that a high standard is maintained.



1. A recent issue of Communications should be consulted for the general style and format to be

Adopted (available at publications/?designation=gsn)


2. The format and sequence of headings are as follows:

• Bold Upper and Lower Case (centred)

• Free-standing italics (centred)

• Italics, above the line and at the margin

• Italics, indented at the line If further subdivision is needed, numerals or letters (lower case) should be used.

3. An alphabetical list of all references must follow the text, with a format as follows:

Gevers, T.W. and Frommurze, H.F. 1929. The tin-bearing pegmatites of the Erongo Area, SWA. Trans. Geol. Soc. S. Afr., 32, 111-149.


Blignault, H.J. 1977. Structural-metamorphic imprint on part of the Namaqua Mobile Belt in

South-West Africa. Ph.D. thesis (unpubl.), Univ. Cape Town, 197 pp.

(N.B. standard abbreviations for journals preferred!)



1. Figures and photographs must be of good quality; ensure that lettering is readable after reduction.

2. Figures and tables may be included in the text document to indicate their positioning, but must also be provided separately in one of the above-mentioned formats (jpg/tiff).

3. Figure captions must be provided as a separate list.

4. Headings of tables and appendices should appear above the table.

5. All illustrations or photographs are termed figures, and are referred to as Fig. or Figs in the text.


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For more information and to submit contributions please contact: