African Upstream Oil and Gas book
04 Jul 2016

Tupa IyamboAndreas Simon.

The African Upstream Oil and gas: “A Practical Guide to Law and Regulation”, is a detailed book that provides a country-by-country analysis of African oil and gas.


The book details the oil and gas frameworks and the key concerns in the most significant jurisdictions including traditional producing countries and more recent areas with significant potential. The topics addressed in the book include key terms of the petroleum laws, the types of legal arrangement in place (e.g., concession agreement, production sharing contract or service agreement), the fiscal terms, and the acquisition of acreage, governing law, dispute resolution mechanisms and governmental control.  Even more, the book features contributions from a variety of leading experts in the industry, including from ministries of petroleum, national oil companies, international oil companies, law firms and consultancies.


Mr. Tupa Iyambo, a Chief Inspector of Petroleum Affairs at the Ministry of Mines and Energy and also a member of Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN) was approached in 2014 by the publisher for Globe Law and Business (UK Company) to contribute the chapter on ‘Namibia’ on the above-mentioned topic(s), which he accepted.


This is a first time Namibia made its contributions on the above-mentioned topic(s) for the publications of the book.  Mr. Iyambo has donated his copy to the MME’s Library and interested persons can consult the Ministry of Mines and Energy Specialised Library to read the book.