International Renewable Energy Symposium
03 Nov 2015


By: Andreas Simon

Renewable energy has been the topic of the town during the event, International Renewable Energy Symposium (IRES) under the theme “Renewable energy for economic prosperity” that was organized by the Namibia Energy Institute.

The symposium took place on 29-30 October at the NamPower Convention center, Windhoek.  The event was one of the biggest ever held in Namibia and was well attended as 12 international countries made their presence known, over 200 persons participated, 46 presentations were presented and 13 organisations sponsored the event of which the Ministry of Mines and Energy was part of the co-sponsors.  

The event hosted the best professionals and top speakers from around the world, who came to share and exchange views on the most appropriate energy solutions and best methodologies and also provided a platform for the exchange of ideas towards 100% access to energy in Namibia, and economic prosperity.

Over 5 renewable energy experts from the  Ministry of Mines and Energy attended the event in order to look at new areas for research and the progress of renewable energy projects implementation in Namibia and internationally.