Mines and Energy host the media
27 Oct 2015

MME Media Tour

Presentation by the Geological Survey of Namibia, during the media tour held at the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
Andreas Simon:

The Ministry of Mines and Energy held a media Tour on 22 October 2015, the event was well attended, as the invited guests were a total of (12) twelve media representatives.  The event was aimed at building media relations and also introducing the services of the ministry to members of the media and the public at large.  

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Hon. Kornelia Shilunga reminded the media that they have an important but great job, and that is one of the best professions in the world.  “You are in charge of information, education, entertainment, advertising and many others things and across the world, society is influenced by the media in many ways” said Shilunga.  The Deputy Ministers words are true as it is evident, that information availed by the media helps society to form opinions and make judgements regarding various issues.  The Deputy Minister also stressed that the Ministry should continue to make use of such platform to inspire the spirit of ownership amongst Namibians, since the Ministry does not have offices in all the regions thus the media day created was the perfect opportunity for MME to inform the public about its services.