Library & Publications

National Earth Science and Energy Information Center (NESEICís) main mission is to collect, provide and promote adequate use of comprehensive, accurate and timely scientific, mining and energy information to its diverse clientele.

NESEIC’s collection consists of approximately 7000 books and reports, 4000 reprints on Namibian geology, exploration and mining, 6000 geological and geophysical maps, 66 000 aerial photographs and satellite images. Electronic resources include Earth Data and GEOREF.

Current periodical subscription
The library subscribes to more than 50 international earth science journals. We also subscribe to Namibian newspapers.

Library services
The information centre is open for anybody as a research and study library. It is just advised that clients who wish to use the library materials sign in the visitors’ book at the help desk. The library borrows on behalf of the clients work-related materials that are not available in our collection from other institutions through interlibrary loan. Photocopy of relevant information as well as printing services are available at the cost of N$ 0.40 per page. Clients can also obtain some library information on electronic format or via e-mail. Borrowing of library material is reserved for MME staff only. Books, reports and reprints can be borrowed to other institutions through the interlibrary loan system, but not maps or other special materials.

Information management tools and electronic resources

NESEIC Earth Database is used for searches of information for clients. It contains articles and books. Search our catalogue.

Earth Data Namibia
Earth Data Namibia (EDN) is a reference database storing geoscientific factual and metadata, including information from more than 50 years of mineral exploration in the country. The  database is maintained by GSN. It is designed as a client-server-solution within the local area network of the GSN, both for internal use and as a tool to disseminate open-file mineral exploration data and other geological data to the public. At present Earth Data Namibia contains spatial and factual data on mineral deposits and occurrences, exploration and mining licences, drilling, geochemistry, geological reports, maps and other printed material, as well as related topographic and topocadastral information (e.g. farms, roads), together with metadata about scanned archival documents.

The Database host a widespread collection on Namibian articles, reports on exploration/prospecting licenses which can be searched, viewed and printed through four public use computers at the library.

GEOREF is an international bibliographic database on earth sciences produced by the American Geological Society available oline at the information centre to search for articles and other publications based on author, topic, geological area etc. Required articles can then be found from the journal collection or requested as intrelibary loan from other institutions.

Geological Survey Namibia publications are available at the library for reading purposes by clients and through purchasing at the sales department. The main publications include:

  • Memoirs
  • Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia
  • Bulletins
  • Periodical Bibliographies and Handbooks
  • Special publications (e.g. Fossils of Namibia, Mineral Resources of Namibia)
  • Open file series (e.g. Economic geology 1:250 000 map series, Summary of Mineral Deposits and Occurrences)
  • Geological maps

Opening hours: 8h00-12h30, 14h00-16h00
NESEIC is open to the general public for reading, information research and study purposes during the core business hours Monday through Friday.

For further information, contact the Library at:

National Earth Science and Energy Information Centre [NESEIC]
Tel: +264 (0)61 284 8150
Fax: +264 (0)61 249 144