Geoscientific Services

The Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN) houses a wealth of geoscience data, information and other geoscience materials gathered throughout the history of the organisation. These data underpin the services and products provided by GSN. GSN offers a range of geoscientific services to the wider geoscience community in Namibia and beyond, government institutions to municipalities, universities and research organisations and the general public.

Core Services

Geoscience Data & Publications

A wide range of geospatial information products are available from the Geological Survey of Namibia.

  • Geological Maps and Digital Data
    • 1:1 000 000 Geology of Namibia
    • 1:250 000 Geological Map Series
    • Thematic Geological Maps
    • Simplified Geological Map of Namibia (free)
  • Geophysical Data and Maps
    • Magnetic Data
    • Radiometric Data
    • Hyperspectral Data
    • Gravity Data
  • Geochemical Maps and Digital Data
  • Economic Geology Maps and Digital Data
  • Engineering & Environment Maps and Digital Data
  • Customised Satellite Imagery
    • ASTER
    • Landsat
  • Publications
    • Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia
    • Books
    • Details of available reports, publications, geoscience maps and digital geoscience data are given in the downloadable catalogue.
Geoscience Facilities
  • Geochemical Laboratories
  • Rock and Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  • Core Shed Facility
  • Tsumeb Geophysical Research Station
Research and Information Services
  • Geoscientific Advice
  • Geoscientific Research

National Earth Science and Energy Information Centre (NESEIC) Library

The NESEIC library houses a vast collection of geoscience literature on Namibia and beyond. The Library also serves as a repository for other geoscience material collections including archival reports. In-house publishing of an annual earth science journal (Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia), Memoirs, Thematic works (Bulletins), periodic bibliographies and handbooks (e.g. Mineral Resources of Namibia) as well as special publications (e.g. Fossils of Namibia)..

National Earth Science Museum

The Museum is an ideal school excursion destination that keeps students captivated, focused and looking for more. Discover geoscience through our extensive display of world-class Namibian minerals & rocks and our superb Namibian fossil collection with highlights on Namibian mines and geoscience as an interesting and relevant part of our lives. .

Geo-Education and Outreach

The Geological Survey team regularly partakes in a range of educational and outreach activities to promote geoscience awareness in the community.

Access to Geoscience Data

The Geological Survey of Namibia (GSN) maintains a wealth of geoscience data, information and other materials in both analogue and digital form. These data are managed by the GSN who prepare, process and deliver the data. Geoscience data is available on request. Some data may be subject to terms of use agreed with data providers.

GSN Sales
Tel: 061-2848111

National Geological Database

Earth Data Namibia is a customized database system for managing geological and related data held by the Geological Survey of Namibia in order to standardize the process of data collection and facilitate easy accessibility and recovery of geoscience. EDN has expanded greatly since its inception in 2001, by scientists of the Economic and Regional Geoscience Divisions, in cooperation BEAK Consultants of Freiberg/Germany. It is designed as a client-server-solution within the local area network of the GSN, both for internal use and as a tool to disseminate open-file mineral exploration data and other geological data to the public. EDN is available online as a web service portal and onsite in the library. Most GSN datasets are available to search and view on EDN.

Earth Data Namibia

At present Earth Data Namibia comprise data gathered or generated by the GSN/ Geological Survey of Namibia, as part of its national strategic mapping programme, and data provided by industry and external organisations. These include spatial and factual data on mineral deposits and occurrences, exploration and mining licences, drilling, geochemistry, environmental, bore hole data, geological reports, maps and other printed material, as well as related topographic and topocadastral information (e.g. farms, roads), together with metadata about scanned archival documents.

  • Earth Data Namibia - Search Namibian geoscience data records, site specific geoscience reports, archival data.

EDN data can be searched, viewed and printed through four public use computers at NESEIC .