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GIC-26 in Namibia

Annual Conferences

The Geoscience Information Consortium holds annual conferences, like the coming GIC-26 in Windhoek, Namibia, to provide a forum where individual geological surveys of member countries countries gather to exchange knowledge about geological data management and systems through presentations, workshops and discussions.

According to the consortium charter, each GIC member country's geological survey is allowed to send up to two delegates, preferably senior staff that are responsible for management of geological data and geoinformation systems, to attend the GIC annual meeting.

The Geological Survey of Namibia, is proud to announce that the first ever GIC conference in the african continent will be held in Windhoek, Namibia from 30th May 2011 to 4th June 2011.

Why Namibia?

  • Hosting GIC-26 in Windhoek would make it the first time for the meeting to be held in Africa.

  • Windhoek is easily accessible through Hosea Kutako International Airport, from a variety of destinations including flights direct from Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Accra.

  • Namibia offers diverse landscape, modern infrastructure and a cultural scene where Africa meets the west.

  • Namibia is blessed with world class geological and cultural attractions.

  • To advance the development of geological data management in Namibia.

For further information on GIC-26, please contact the GIC-26 organising team or Ms. Anna Nguno.

What is GIC?

The Geoscience Information Consortium is a network for Geological Surveys to exchange knowledge about geological data management and systems.

The primary goals of the network are:

  • To exchange information among Geological Survey Organisations related to the use and management of geoscience information systems in support of earth sciences

  • To provide a forum where solutions to problems related to data capture, database design, data analysis, and output, can be presented and discussed

  • To provide the opportunity for discussion and promotion of data standards and data exchange formats

  • To influence the design and cost of software, hardware and networks

GIC consists of representatives from 25 Geological Survey Organisations including countries in North America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe.

For more information on GIC, please go through this information leaflet or if you have any questions related to joining the consortium, or other queries about GIC not addressed in the leaflet please contact
Mr. Robert Tomas, Executive Secretary of the GIC.