The Geoinformation Division comprises of the following subdivisions:

National Earth Science Museum

Houses the largest collection of Namibia's mineral, rock and fossil record.

National Earth Science and Energy Information Centre: Library and Sales

National Earth Science and Energy Information Center is a specialized reference library on earth science and is opened to the public 8h00-12h30, 14h00 -16h00.

Library Catalogue
List of Current Subscription
Earth Data Database

Information Online:

Publications: Policies, Studies, Reports, Application Forms
Geological Survey Documents

The Geological Survey of Namibia catalogue listing all reports, publications, geological maps and geophysical data available for sale. (720 KB, PDF Format)


In-house publishing of an annual earth science journal (Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia), Memoirs, Thematic works (Bulletins), periodic bibliographies and handbooks (e.g. Mineral Resources of Namibia) as well as special publications (e.g. Fossils of Namibia).

Cartography Subdivision

A fully-equipped and computerised drawing office and darkroom for digitising, graphic and map production, map film processing and photographic plate making.

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