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Appeals against decisions or orders of Chief Inspector

25.1 (1) Any person aggrieved by any decision taken or order issued by the Chief Inspector under a provision of these regulations may appeal against any such decision or order to the Mining Health and Safety Board and the Board shall, after it has considered in accordance with the provisions of regulation 3.6 the grounds of the appeal and the Chief Inspector's reasons for the decision or order, confirm, set aside or vary the decision or order or substitute for such decision or order any other decision or order which the Chief Inspector in the opinion of the Board ought to have taken or issued.

(2) Any person who wishes to appeal in terms of subsection (1), shall within 15 days after the decision or order was made known, lodge such an appeal with the Board in writing, setting out the grounds on which it is made or issued.

(3) An appeal under sub-regulation (1) in connection with any order issued under regulation 4.7 shall not suspend the operation of such order.