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The mine manager shall ensure that :-

Design, use, operation, supervision and control of machinery

17.1 (1) (a) - machinery used in connection with the working of a mine is of good design, sound construction, suitable material, adequate strength, free from defects, properly maintained and operated in a safe manner;

(b) - no person uses, operates, supervises or controls any machinery unless he or she has received adequate instruction and training for the duties he or she has to perform and has been duly authorized to do so by the mine manager;

(c) - no person employed in close proximity to moving machinery wears or is permitted to wear loose outer clothing or a long hairstyles, unless it is protected so as not to endanger himself or herself.

(d) - any reasonable precaution is taken in connection with the use of machinery so as to ensure that the safety of persons employed on or about such machinery is not endangered.

(2) A person authorized to use, operate, supervise or control any machinery shall not absent himself or herself from, or cease to have effective supervision or control of such machinery while it is required to be used, unless relieved by another duly authorized person.

Fencing and guards

17.2 (1) (a) - any exposed machinery which, when in motion, may be dangerous to any person is securely fenced off;

(b) - efficient guards are provided to such parts of any machinery as may be a source of danger to any person.

(2) - no person shall willfully or negligently damage or, without proper authority, remove or render useless any fence, guard, structure or any other safety provision or enter such fenced off area.

Engines to be used in underground workings

17.3 -only compression-ignition diesel engines are used in underground workings

Scheme for examination and testing of machinery

17.4 The mine manager shall formulate a scheme for the systematic examination and, where required, testing of machinery so as to ensure the safe operation thereof.

Starting and stopping of machinery

17.5 (1) No person shall set any machinery in motion unless he or she has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that no person can be endangered thereby.

(2) The mine manager shall ensure that any machinery used in the working of the mine is provided with a suitably located starting and stopping appliance.

Safety measures during repairs, maintenance or cleaning of machinery

17.6 (1) The mine manager shall take such steps as may be necessary to ensure -

(a) that when any machinery is stopped for repair, maintenance or cleaning purposes the power supply to such machinery is isolated and locked out;

(b) that suitable warning signs or notices are posted at the switch and signed by the persons who are undertaking such repairs, maintenance or cleaning;

(c) that such locks, signs or notices are removed only by the person who posted such signs or notices.

(2) The mine manager shall ensure that :-

(a) - automatic devices for lubricating machinery whilst in motion are provided wherever practicable;

(b) - where it is impracticable to stop any machinery, the repairing, adjusting, testing, examining, cleaning or lubricating of any such machinery in motion is undertaken by a competent person.

General duties of operators

17.7 Any person authorized to use, operate, supervise or control any machinery shall -

(a) before commencing work ensure that such machinery is in safe working condition;

(b) should any machinery during use appear in any way to be or to have become dangerous, immediately stop such machinery;

(c) until such time as the defect has been rectified, not use such machinery.