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The mine manager shall ensure that :- 

General lighting

12.1 (1) - adequate general lighting arrangements are provided -

(a) on the surface at all workplaces and stairways, passageways and places in or attached to the plant which are used by persons and where natural light is insufficient;

(b) in opencast workings -

(i) at any workplace during the hours of darkness;

(ii) at pit edges and similar precipitous places near any road in use; and

(c) in underground workings -

(i) at any station in regular use;

(ii) in any travellingway in regular use;

(iii) at grizzleys, ore bins, crushing and loading stations and such other places where persons are regularly at work; and

(iv) at all first-aid stations.

(v) at every room and place containing any engine, motor or other apparatus in regular use;

(2) - the lighting provided in accordance with sub-regulation (1) shall, as far as is practicable, be so arranged as to prevent glare.

Emergency lighting

12.2 (1) - emergency lighting adequate for the safety of persons is provided in the event of the failure of any lighting referred to in regulation 12.1 which could present a hazard.

(2) - in the event of failure of any lighting referred to in regulation 12.1 persons without an independent source of lighting shall remain stationary until such time as emergency lighting is provided or the normal lighting is restored.

Carrying of lights in underground workings

12.3 (1) - any person employed or otherwise present in underground workings is provided with a lamp to enable him or her to perform his or her duties in a safe manner, and no such person shall proceed or remain in underground workings without such lamp.

(2) - any lamp shall be maintained in good order.

Illumination of machinery

12.4 - any machinery in operation in the proximity of which persons are working or moving about is illuminated in such a manner that the external moving parts of such machinery can be clearly distinguished.

Lighting arrangements in respect of mobile equipment

12.5 - any train, vehicle or other mobile equipment used in or at the mine is provided with its own lighting arrangements, shining in the direction of travel and having an average light intensity of not less than 10 lux at a distance of 20 meters.

Illumination of haul roads

12.6 - the safe driving zones on roads in opencast workings are marked by lights or other marker guides which are clearly visible at night.

Standards of lighting

12.7 (1) If in the opinion of the Chief Inspector any lighting arrangement reported to have been provided in terms of this Part is inadequate, he or she may require the mine manager by notice in writing to provide such additional lighting arrangements as may be specified by him or her in such notice.

(2) Where any standards of lighting are not specified in these regulations, the mine manager shall adhere to the minimum average illuminance standards prescribed under the Labour Act 1992 (Act 6 of 1992) Regulations relating to the health and safety of employees at work.