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Issue of blasting certificates

11.1 Subject to the provisions of this Part, the Chief Inspector shall issue blasting certificates required for purposes of these regulations.

Types of blasting certificates

11.2 (1) A blasting certificate shall be -

restricted to opencast mining operations or to underground mining 
operations, and shall be endorsed to the effect that it is so restricted.

(2) The Chief Inspector shall keep a register showing the full names and date of birth of each holder of a blasting certificate, the serial number and date of issue of the certificate and any restriction, if any, imposed in respect of such certificate.

Qualifications for blasting certificates

11.3 (1) Subject to the provisions of sub-regulation (3), a blasting certificate shall not be issued to any person, unless such person has, on an application made by him or her in such form as may be determined by the Chief Inspector, been admitted as a candidate for, and has passed such examination as may be determined by the Chief Inspector held in such form as may be so determined.

(2) (a) The examinations shall be held at such times and at such centers as may be fixed by the Chief Inspector and shall be conducted by such examiners as may be appointed by the Chief Inspector.

(b) The Chief Inspector shall not appoint a person as examiner under paragraph (a), unless such person is the holder of a valid blasting certificate similar to the certificate for which the examination is being conducted.

(3) No person shall be admitted as a candidate for any examination referred to in sub-regulation (1), unless such person -

(a) has attained the age of 18 years;

(b) possesses a valid first aid certificate;

(c) has been examined by a medical practitioner and a medical certificate issued certifying that he or she is free from deafness, defective vision or any other infirmity, mental or physical, likely to interfere with his or her work;

(d) can read and write English; and

(e) has had, at least, the following number of shifts experience, namely -

(i) 300 shifts for an underground blasting certificate; or 

(ii) 120 shifts for an opencast blasting certificate

Duplicate blasting certificates

11.4 The Chief Inspector may, upon proof to his or her satisfaction that a blasting certificate has been lost, defaced or destroyed or has become dilapidated, issue a copy marked "duplicate" of the blasting certificate.

Suspension or cancellation of blasting certificates

11.5 (1) If at any time the holder of a valid blasting certificate is in the opinion of the mine manager or an inspector guilty of misconduct or negligence in the execution of his or her duties or shall suffer from any infirmity likely to be detrimental to the efficient discharge of his or her duties, the mine manager or inspector may immediately suspend the holder from carrying on any blasting operations in or at the mine.

(2) In the event of such suspension referred to in sub-regulation (1) the mine manager or inspector shall immediately report the matter in writing to the Chief Inspector.

(3) The Chief Inspector may, after considering the report of the mine manager or inspector referred to in sub-regulation (2) direct an inspector to conduct an inquiry to determine whether or not such a person is fit to continue to hold a blasting certificate.

(4) At the conclusion of the inquiry the inspector shall submit his or her report to the Chief Inspector together with his or her findings, the evidence recorded during such inquiry and other relevant records.

(5) The Chief Inspector may, after having considered the report, findings, evidence and other records referred to in sub-regulation (4), decide to-

(a) require the inspector to obtain further evidence or information;

(b) cancel the certificate;

(c) acquit the accused of the charges levelled against him or her.

(6) Until the Chief Inspector has reached a decision in terms of sub-regulation (5) the suspension referred to in sub-regulation (1) shall remain in force.

(7) When the Chief Inspector decides to cancel a blasting certificate the Chief Inspector shall call for such certificate and make a suitable endorsement thereon.