Geochemistry and Laboratory
The Geochemistry and Laboratory Division is empowered to provide high quality geochemical services to the country’s mineral sector. The main objectives of the Division are:
  • to deliver high quality chemical and mineralogical analysis of rocks, minerals, soils, stream sediments, water and other environmental materials for our customers
  • to use internationally recognized methods fit-for purpose to provide added-value to our products or services
  • to upgrade the laboratory facilities and maintain the laboratory equipment in order to keep up with the fast evolving analytical techniques without compromising the quality and standard of services offered to our clientele
  • to conduct a country-wide baseline geochemical mapping through the Regional Geochemical Surveying Programme
  • to manage the archival geochemical data through the Earth Data Namibia database

All these objectives are achieved through the various, but related tasks of the two existing Subdivisions of the Geochemistry and Laboratory Division: