The Directorate is responsible for the enforcement of the White Paper on Energy Policy of 1998. The Directorate consists of 2 divisions:

The Directorate enforces the compliance of legal requirements of energy legislation (Electricity Act, 2007) and regulations and researches new and renewable sources of energy.

The NIRP is a 20-year development plan for Namibia's Electricity Supply Industry, spanning the period between 2016 and 2035. Click here to download the report.

The Directorate conducts functions such as:

  • Implementation of Rural Electrification
  • Implementation of Off-Grid Energisation Master Plan

The mandate of the Energy directorate is to ensure the adequate and affordable energy supply in a sustainable manner taking advantage of our natural resources in support of the nation's socio-economic development.


  • Security of Supply: To secure sufficient and reliable supply of sustainable energy support to the growing needs and the Government's endeavour to develop new industry.

  • Social Upliftment: Redress inequalities in provision of energy supplies, all households shall have access to affordable and appropriate energy supplies.

  • Economic Competitiveness / Economic / Efficiency: Ensure that increases of energy supply and utilization are sustainable, competitive and economic efficient.

  • Effective Energy Sector Governance: Namibia will have energy sector governance in operation, which undertake effective planning, is flexible in its approach, and which have adequate staff resources.

  • Investment and Growth: Namibia will endeavour to achieve a high level of investor confidence in the energy sector, resulting in fixed inward investment and economic benefits for the country.

  • Sustainability: Namibia will move towards the sustainable use of natural resources for energy production and consumption as far as economically possible.